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I spent 16 hours yesterday putting together work to finally make a WEBSITE, which is LONG overdue. Tell me how it’s shapin’ up if you’d like to take a look. In the next few days I’ll be posting two or three picture collages that I made–you should be forewarned that some of the photos (er…maybe a lot) have already been published here (wow, lucky you ;P), but I think they’re so much stronger in context of other photos. Today I’ll start with these: seasons in Ann Arbor


Fuck dem Police

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I’ll keep this to a one to three line plot summary: Police┬áharasses┬ácivilians, Isabel takes a picture with flash, police approaches Isabel and opens flashlight on face: “YOU LIKE IT WHEN I DO THIS?!” Isabel talks back cuz she ain’t no bitch, police threatens by saying Isabel is being disorderly……..Isabel runs away.

Isabel posts picture online. Isabel gets arrested the following day. TO BE CONTINUED…


Teach Me How U Do

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This is a sweet ass pic from a photo shoot that I did the other day for makeup artist Courtney Cox. The model just finished her sophomore at U of M (GO BLUE), is from Detroit, and is leaving to study abroad in Ghana next week! Fasho.

After booking a studio and being dissatisfied with the paper backdrops that were really inexcusably narrow (wtf??…), I last minute decided to shoot Olivia against the pitted white wall of the room, making a dirtier feel that I really was digging. How you like it? Can anyone say dis shit too hot to handle?!

Stay tuned for more from this set! XD

yours truly,

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