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Look at me




It was the spotting of the deluxe office chair in this parking lot-like urban desert that made me laugh out loud on my bike, necessitating a U-turn to see what these guys were up to. Getting queer looks as I rode towards them, with an awkward amount of interrogative eye-contact on both ends, I slowly coasted my way nearer, stopping just short of the knee high fence that stood between us.

I didn’t know if they were friends, lovers, or nothing (see John Mayer for further inquiries), nor did it really cross my mind. But when Moustafa slipped away after the arrival of a bright green truck that perfectly matched his outfit, Amina and I got to talking. She told me that her teacher hadn’t shown up to class, so she came to visit Mustafa, her boyfriend, at work.  After an alarming display of excitement, I told Amina that I had a section of lovers on my blog (more on that later), and they’d be perfect for it. And so when Moustafa returned, she told him that I took pictures of “des amoureux,” and told him to change his clothes. With a flirty smile, he looked at her and said “everything?” as he stripped off his shirt and replaced it with a blue V-neck, then taking off his neon trousers to reveal the hidden jeans underneath.

“Your shoes too!” She hollered back.

She stood for this one. And I still don’t know where they got the armchair.