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I have to keep you interested somehow

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Calm yourself.

Apparently this is what the French hommes look like. Walking with two mysteriously unfitting older women, I received humored looks from his companions after I had been spotted trying to inconspicuously snap a photo of [this nameless man]. In broken attempts to legitimize, or possibly denounce, my paparazzi tendencies, I approached and asked if I could take his picture for my blog. His “friends,” as I will call them for the time being, seemed thrilled, going on to tell me that he was a célébrité, to which I stuck my head in my butt and apologized for my offensive casualness. My head was soon recovered after learning that no, this was not true. But it was all in good fun, as we shared awkward laughs, email addresses, and the usual happenings. (The going rate for his email address is 50 euros, while supplies last). Lucy Perkins, if you’re reading this, he was roughly 400 feet tall.

*For that “personal element,” i.e. for all of you who are convinced you will meet and have a romantic relationship with him, I will divulge the following information: he says he likes the photographer Terry Richardson, if you want to check him out. (I also partly say this so that I can add Terry Richardson as a tag…is that sad?)


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