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I Promise I Don’t Bite


Thank you new visitors, commenters, fans, and followers! You are the giddy smiles and tapping feet behind my computer screen. I write to you from Beaune, heart of the Bourgogne vineyards, where there is a market every Wednesday morning, jusqu’à midi! It is for both this reason and my ethernet restrictions that I must be off in a jiffy, leaving me in deep regret for being unable to respond to all of your heart-warming, inquisitive, and/or flattering comments until I return. But for now, I will leave you with my new friend, Oscar–I found “0113” to be ill fitting. He lives in a grass patch, speaks French, and will shyly follow you side-to-side behind his barbed-wire enclosure, if you ever find yourself at Abbaye de Fontenay, his humble abode.

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  1. What a lovely welcome post. 🙂
    I love your lovers series. Especially the story about the refuse collector and his lady on a misplaced chair. Looking forward to more snippets of Paris!


    • thank you thANK YOU! so much to be seen here. love walking around and seeing all the funny people and wondering what their stories are..glad you like! And of course, merci for the reblog!


  2. “Je suit d’accord” – I agree with you. “0113” is just too impersonal. Oscar is much better. Forgive me for my poor French. I hope to return to Paris next year and am practicing. Love your photos.


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