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It’s been awhile since I’ve written something to accompany a photo! But alas, here I am. I’ve been stuck with a lot of time on my hands along with new photos just in from some disposables documenting the beginning of summer(ish) and the end of college (!) (aka bars, police, and what have you). Excitement & ceaseless depression.

So anyway, with this heap of free time, I’ve decided to make some “graphics” for some shirt designs that I think would be cool (AKA my photos + text + you got any ideas??). I’ve been making a bunch, so thought I’d share them with y’all (just one today) to get some feedback and whatnot…hopefully I can actually make this happen and if you come stalk me you might see me wearin dem digs on the street.

ALSO. Love to all my followers!! I don’t do that enough BUT you’re the reason why I keep up with this thing (which is regrettably not tHAt often, but expect more cuz a. got internet up in here for the first time in 5 years (literally…-_-) and b. this mofo unemployed!)

Let me know wat you thankkkk <333

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  1. a good way to come up with design ideas is to look at a certain photo you have decided to create a design with then list multiple phrases, words, ideas anything in word form then Bam! decide what phrase/word goes best and you my dear have a T-shirt Design! Be sure to share!!


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