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  1. http://flaymethephoenix.wordpress.com
    FLAYME APPAREL is a new fresh vision from a first time 16 year old designer.
    We’d like to start off by saying that the brand is in VERY early stages of development. But very soon we’re going to start promotion and sale of our products, but before that we’re going to be giving out weekly tasters of our designs and ideas for the branding. The line focuses on t-shirts and accessories like socks and hats, but with support we’d like to expand this to include legwear and dresses etc.
    So what to do next? Honestly, we need all your support to get this thing off the ground. We’re currently not asking for donations but what you can do is spread the word by sharing our blog posts and the word in general if you like the look of what we’re doing.
    Much more detail to come, for now, keep following us and look out for more along the way!


  2. Love your Blog and your photography everything is Flawless! Keep up the good work! We followed your blog. If you don’t mind could you visit our Website/blog and comment and follow if you like! Thanks so much



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