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I Promise I Don’t Bite


Thank you new visitors, commenters, fans, and followers! You are the giddy smiles and tapping feet behind my computer screen. I write to you from Beaune, heart of the Bourgogne vineyards, where there is a market every Wednesday morning, jusqu’à midi! It is for both this reason and my ethernet restrictions that I must be off in a jiffy, leaving me in deep regret for being unable to respond to all of your heart-warming, inquisitive, and/or flattering comments until I return. But for now, I will leave you with my new friend, Oscar–I found “0113” to be ill fitting. He lives in a grass patch, speaks French, and will shyly follow you side-to-side behind his barbed-wire enclosure, if you ever find yourself at Abbaye de Fontenay, his humble abode.