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I’m in a general state of existential malaise right now, so am posting this as my Jan. 22nd/23rd mood picture. More specifically, it really just makes me wanna cuddle up in bed and eat myself slowly into numbness while listening to music that makes me feel unnaturally inspired/depressed at the same time. I just moved two weeks ago to New York, which is why I’ve been neglecting you (:( <<that’s a frowny face but with the parentheses risks being mistaken for someone in a toupe) and have thus been in a relatively constant state of shock, producing clashing feelings of invincibility/high energy and also complete insignificance/lethargy (I guess we are in the big city, right?). But tonight, rest assured, it all flooded out like an unstoppable vomit–a true rush of feelings with unabated urgency and tears and sorrow and happiness as I acknowledged for the first time since I’ve moved some of my feelings about leaving home, what home is, what love is, and similar pre-mid-post teen angst (of which I’m pretty sure I’m the latter BUT is still to be determined) to the closest friends I have on this spherical, floating planet. And now, feeling the true satisfaction of any good catharsis, I’m exhausted and am ready to lay in bed to await being dragged under. But I wanted to say hi…share (a synopsis of) my thoughts to accompany one of my brother’s photos taken on his trip to San Francisco/Portland/West Coast (i.e. WHERE was this picture taken, DD?!). Expect more photos, feelings, and love to come.

Goodnight and certainly always good luck,



It’s Fall in Ann Arbor

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Or at least it’s supposed to be. Actually a weird pseudo-fall where the streets are littered with leaves and everything smells like pumpkin pie yet we’re all bogged down and stenched with a heavy heat of 80+¬†forecasts to come (roughly 27 celsius, Jonatan;)). But I wanted to update since it’s been awhile, and felt in the mood for fall. These are some photos I took in random places of Ann Arbor featuring (but not in order): downtown streets and scenes, Jacob and his cat, my mom and electronic menus, bored server in elevator of a steak house (yes I AM obsessed with Robert Frank so sorry for the poorly done imitation), DD with the Beatles bob pounding on his drum pad, Keaton and smoke, my parent’s house, and a trying-to-be-epic-not-so-epic college party. Circa last year/late 2011. All taken with my 50mm Canon film camera courtesy of DD Gao, all unedited (for which maybe I should apologize but hope you enjoy nonetheless)